OSU offers CR Summer Programs Enrolling now

Programs will take students to San José-Heredia or Earth University, Guapiles, Monteverde and Playa Grande

Faculty from Oregon State University are leading two groups of college students to Costa Rica this summer.  Both programs will offer opportunities to become immersed the local Tico culture.

The San José-Heredia program is scheduled for June 18-25, 2017.  Students will be organized so as to offer them the opportunity to participate in short-term service projects. The goal is to actively involve the students in service learning that will benefit communities served by an organization called CEDCAS, which is a center for health services and education in San Jose.

The focus of the longer term program, which is scheduled for 2 1/2 weeks in June and July, is the study of agriculture and its underlying sciences.  Contemporary issues, such as the movement towards exports of organic products, the certification processes and the use of GPS technologies in sustainable agriculture will be examined.  The program seeks to prepare students to graduate from OSU with enhanced global awareness and intercultural skills, which are necessary to excel in a globally competitive job market.   For more information, please contact Ron Reuter of OHSU Cascades in Bend at  541-322-3109.


Further information about both programs can also be found through the Office of Global Opportunities office.

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