January 2018 Board Update

OPOA Board is excited to share some of the great happenings which took place in 2017. They were:

* Donated $3,000 to fund a solar electric system in the indigenous community of Yorkin in southern Costa Rica. (We will be contributing approximately $600 per year for the next 5 years to help maintain the system.)

* Provided the Jump Start program to teach a prescribed intensive English curriculum to approximately 50 Costa Rican 6th graders going into 7th grade.

* Donated $500 to relief for Hurricane Otto and also raised $450 from individuals for this cause.

* Implemented the High School Exchange program for 25 students from Costa Rica to come to Oregon for 8 weeks and stay with host families and either go with host family’s teenager to school or follow a Spanish teacher. Likewise, 25 US students went to Costa Rica last summer to live with host families in Costa Rica and attended high school.

* Taught English to 60 adults and adolescents in Tilarán for 9 weeks.

* Participated in the Adult Exchange Program where 10 adults from Oregon went to Costa Rica for a month and lived with host families in four areas to participate in educational/cultural activities. Similarly, organized the Adult Exchange Program for 4 adults from Costa Rica who stayed with host families in four different areas of Oregon as an educational and cultural exchange.

* Paid $800 for Liability Insurance for our members.

* Paid our annual dues to National Partners of America of $250.

These volunteer activities happened because of your strong commitment to Oregon Partners of America and funds that we helped raised, donated or paid through our membership dues. At this time, we are collecting the dues for the calendar year 2018, which are extremely important to our organization. Dues are as follows:

· Individuals $25

· Couples $35

Please send your check for one of the above appropriate amounts by February 1st to: Peggy Ast, 3220 Forest Gale Drive, Forest Grove, OR, 97116. If you think that you are receiving this letter requesting your dues in error, please contact Peggy for verification. Her email address is peggyaboyd@yahoo.com. Thank you for all your time, contributions and interest in Oregon Partners of America this past year. May 2018 be just as fruitful!

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