Partners Member Penny McDonald publishes “We March for You: Messages to Girls from the Women’s Marches”

Available through

Penny McDonald has announced the publication of her second children’s book entitled We March for You: Messages to Girls from the Women’s Marches. The book promotes true equality for girls around the world through simple text as well as inspirational quotes from women leaders. The artwork illustrated by Raquel Mora Vega of Grecia, Costa Rica is both colorful and expressive. Our Oregon Poet Laureate Kim Stafford says that “In We March for You, readers will find the march for change is beautiful, strong, wise and welcoming”. In the book’s procession, readers will be accompanied by Penny’s words, Raquel’s paintings and the good company of women such as Rosa, Maya, J.K., Anne and Emma. Listen to a host of other women’s voices that call us out from our houses, out from our fears, out from our isolation to join the march to liberation.  Open the book, read this beauty and set forth.

It should be noted that this book emerged from Penny’s participation in the original Oregon-Costa Rica English teaching program. This is a project which our chapter of Partners of the Americas is still organizing and operating for more than 30 years. (More information about the program will be found on our site shortly. )

Penny’s website is where you can find links to purchase her books at Amazon, Powell’s and Barnes and Nobles. I encourage you to talk to your friends and other Partners about Penny’s book. Penny’s first bilingual book, We Share our World/Compartimos el Mundo is also on her website. This book contains art from all 12 artists from Oregon and Costa Rica participating in the Partners of the America’s artist exchange. It’s a treasure and a labor of love which we are proud to promote.

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