Cultural Exchange – Adults

Cultural Exchange Purpose & Rewards

The purpose of this program is to enhance understanding of other cultures. Oregonians and Costa Ricans (Ticos) share history, food, family life, religion, business and other cultural aspects.  This is a true exchange of cultures and ideas between Costa Rica and Oregon. While tourist attractions are often a part of the daily activities, the true value of this exchange is in the friendships and joint projects that spring from a deep sharing of lives. Simply put, we learn from one another.

This program is immensely popular with adults.  It is personally rewarding, affording a unique opportunity to develop personal, life-long relationships with people from across Costa Rica.

Exchange Requirements

In order to travel to Costa Rica as part of this program and spend a month there in February, Oregon participants must agree to host visiting Costa Ricans for a week in September/October.

For more information, see Ambassador Travel to Costa Rica and Oregon Host Ambassadors




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