Oregon Host Ambassadors

A Host Ambassador is an individual/household who has applied to and been approved by the OPOA adult exchange coordinators to participate in the Northbound hosting exchange with Costa Rica.  In order to travel to Costa Rica as part of this exchange, you must first be a host.  This program is open to any adult who:

  • Has the desire to uphold the mission of the Oregon Partners of the Americans organization;
  • Likes the challenge and excitement of meeting new people, places and experiences;
  • Believes that friendship among people of different countries and cultures makes for a better world; and
  • Has a curiosity about Costa Rica and a love for Oregon, and a willingness to share worlds

Matching Hosts w/Costa Rican Guests

We try to pair travelers with homestays along the lines of 1)language skills; 2)health/agility limitations; 3)gender; 4)age; and 5)hobbies/interests, occupations.  An area coordinator will visit with you in your home to learn more about you, and together you will figure out the best match for your situation.

Language & Communication

It’s definitely OK to not speak either English or Spanish fluently!  A willingness to communicate is extremely helpful, and with sign language or with the aid of a dictionary or an online translator, it can often be fun.  Offering a sincere level of hospitality and having an ability to laugh off any ‘faux pas’ or miscommunications is extremely important.  Since English is very idiomatic, speak a bit more slowly, with careful enunciation in a normal tone of voice, using simple vocabulary whenever possible.    Miscommunication may occur in even the best of circumstances, so translators are available 24/7 during your week, to help you with any serious issues.

See more information here  Host Ambassador – 10 Most Frequent FAQ’s