Quienes somos nosotros.  Who we are.

Founded as a voluntary non-profit in 1964 as the “people to people” component of the Kennedy Administration’s Alliance for Progress, Partners of the Americas (http://www. partners.net/) has become an influential force in building goodwill and private sector cooperation among people of the Americas.

The Oregon chapter was partnered with the Costa Rica chapter, and we are two of more than 120 chapters in the western hemisphere.  We are dedicated to promoting friendships, cooperation and cultural understanding, and in supporting economic and social development wherever possible, whether in Oregon or Costa Rica – or in another U.S. state or Central/Latin American country.

Our projects enhance lives in numerous Costa Rican communities, and enhance our own lives through the numerous friendships made over the years. Oregon and Costa Rica Partners are dedicated to promoting support networks and sharing ideas, knowledge and cultural experiences.  Our current projects reflect the interests of our membership. Members with ideas about how to support Costa Rica are encouraged to present their ideas to the Board of Directors, and to then develop a committee to implement that project.

Our earliest official activity in 1965 was to conduct a high school student exchange Cultural Exchange – High School , which is still in operation today.  Rather unique to any non-profit organization, we also have a highly popular and successful adult cultural exchange Cultural Exchange – Adults .  We also arrange for  artist and musician exchanges, and are committed to several English teaching programs within Costa Rica  ENGLISH TEACHING PROGRAMS.

Our past projects include wheelchair collections and shipments to Costa Rica, a ‘sister school’ program with Costa Rica, and projects involving the support of Costa Rica through agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  We have even offered volunteer-led specialized training for Costa Rican firefighters!  For more information on the legacy of projects undertaken by Oregon Partners:  Organizational History