We are the Oregon + Costa Rica Chapter of Partners of the Americas. 

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Citizen Diplomacy is our Mission!

As members of Oregon Partners of the Americas (OPOA), we celebrate meaningful exchanges of ideas and projects shared between Costa Ricans and Oregonians. We value our new relationships, friendships and hopes for mutual understanding that develop during and after our joint exchanges.  Our members enjoy sharing experiences, working on projects together, and learning English and Spanish with one another. We explore our similarities as well as our differences as travelers and hosts, and as teachers and students, but most of all, we seek to enjoy the time we spend together.  Pura Vida!


We are a member-driven organization.  If, as a member, you have a terrific idea which would enhance cultural communications between Oregon and Costa Rica, the OPOA Board of Directors would love to hear from you!  Currently, our activities consist of the following:

  • CULTURAL EXCHANGES:  We organize two annual opportunities for cultural exchanges and we organize others as time allows. 

The High School Student Exchange offers homestays with families in Costa Rica, and allows families with high school age kids here in Oregon the opportunity to be a family for a visiting Costa Rican student.

 A three week Adult Exchange offers opportunities for adults to host Costa Rican visitors for one week each in four separate Oregon towns, and to then be hosted in four Costa Rican towns for one week each.  What a great way to spend a month, being spoiled by new friends and new ‘family’!!

  • SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Currently we are re-engineering and re-building a solar panel facility if the remote jungle area along the coastline between Costa Rica and Panama.  Check it out!  SPECIAL PROJECTS

Please explore our new website to learn more about us.  When you first become aware that this is a great group and that you want to belong, please fill out the membership form & send it in!  JOIN NOW!

Remember that we are all volunteers!  That said, we appreciate your patience as we make this website more user friendly, and keep it updated.  Need more information about one of our projects?  Or perhaps you know of a project that might be a great fit for us as a non-profit organization?  We want to hear from you!!  Please fill out the contact form below. We typically respond within 24 hours.  Gracias!

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