Solar Panels

Yorkin, Talamanca is a small indigenous BriBri Indian village with a population of about fifty (50) on the Yorkin River, which borders Panama along the southern coast.  It is only accessible via a one hour canoe trip upriver, or via an even longer, very rough hike into the village on often muddy or impassable trails.  Primary products of the village are cocoa beans and bananas, which are transported by water launches for sale elsewhere.  Years ago, visiting biologists, doctors and Evangelists helped local women augment village finances via a co-op selling craft items.  The government allows funding for bi-weekly visits by doctors and teachers, who need to stay overnight in roughly built guesthouses.  Unfortunately, both a small medical clinic and the guesthouses were swept away in 2007 as a result of major river flooding.  (They have since been rebuilt.)

A Peace Corps worker in the area explained the situation to San Jose Partners member Xinia Molina and her son Jimmy. Oregon and Costa Rica Partner members then together raised $12,000 to engineer and build a solar powered generator, which provided enough power to keep a refrigerator cold enough to house needed medical supplies.

Several years have now passed and the solar paneled generators are in dire need of repair.  Funds are currently being raised to both repair/replace what exists so that refrigeration of medicines can continue (and maintained properly in the future), AND so that electricity can be brought into a newly built school house and guest houses for both workers and doctors.

In addition to the many hours of volunteer time and materials being provided, an estimated $30,000 is needed complete this project.  Oregon-Costa Rica Partners of the Americas has raised $20,000 in the past year.  We need your help now.

More info and village photos are coming to this webpage soon.

youtube video of YORKIN.  And another YORKIN .