English Teaching – Jumpstart Program

Teach English in Costa Rica

Oregon Partners of the Americas is recruiting Volunteers to teach English in Costa Rica through a joint program with Costa Rica Multilingue and the Peace Corps.  Volunteers receive one-week hands-on training and then teach four weeks.  Teaching experience, particularly in English as a Second Language, and ability to speak basic Spanish, are helpful.

THE PROGRAM:  JUMPSTART provides 4 weeks of intensive English instruction to students who are beginning high school (7th grade).  These students, usually from rural areas, have had little or no previous English instruction and therefore start high school lagging behind other students, academically, and are at greater risk for dropping out.  JumpStart occurs in the month of January and the first few days of February, just before the Costa Rican school year begins.  Class size is limited to 20.  Results from the first four years have been very positive.  Learn more at:

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The teaching team at each camp may include a Costa Rican English teacher, a Peace Corps Volunteer and/or other international volunteers (e.g. Oregon Partners).  There is a local coordinator at all sites where Oregon Partners Volunteers are assigned, to handle logistics.

Volunteers attend a week-long hands-on training in San Jose. Teaching technique is covered, as well as familiarization with the fully-developed JumpStart curriculum.  Volunteers then travel to their sites and teach about four weeks, Monday through Friday.  The weekends are yours to enjoy…travel to and explore nearby attractions, visit the beach, the mountains, stay in a hotel if you like, or just hang out at your site and relax. You might also consider combining this with the Oregon Partners Costa Rica cultural exchange that begins late every January.  See www.oregonpartners.net/adult_cultural_exchange.html for more information.

QUALIFICATIONS, COST, LOGISTICS:  JumpStart is requesting about 10 volunteers for 2016.  It is not necessary to be a current resident of Oregon to volunteer.  Volunteers who are likely to have a successful experience are people who have traveled in foreign countries, are flexible and adaptive, have some classroom teaching experience (especially English as a Second Language), and speak at least basic Spanish.

Oregon Partners Volunteers pay their own way.  Costs include airfare, bus and taxi transfers, hotel costs, and living costs of lodging and meals.  Most Volunteers stay with local Costa Rican families for about $400 per month which includes 3 meals a day.  Oregon Partners can offer advice on flights, hotels, and buses.  The home stays with Costa Rican families are arranged by Peace Corps and Multilingue.  It is important to know that home stay conditions and the food may be basic.  The weather may be warm and humid, depending on location.

INTERESTED?  Contact Char McKay, charatpdx@gmail.com or 503-333-6445, or Dave Wells well107@comcast.net or 503-657-3313, and let’s talk! (Revised March 2017)