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Citizen Diplomacy is our Mission!

As members of Oregon Partners of the Americas (OPOA), we celebrate meaningful exchanges of ideas and projects shared between Costa Ricans and Oregonians. We value our new relationships, friendships and hopes for mutual understanding that develop during and after our joint exchanges.  Our members enjoy sharing experiences, working on projects together, and learning English and Spanish with one another. We explore our similarities as well as our differences as travelers and hosts, and as teachers and students, but most of all, we seek to enjoy the time we spend together.  Pura Vida!


We are a member-driven organization.  If, as a member, you have a terrific idea which would enhance cultural communications between Oregon and Costa Rica, the OPOA Board of Directors would love to hear from you!  Currently, our activities consist of supporting our Costa Rican Partners Network in their efforts to refurbish a domestic shelter, principally for women who have suffered some type of domestic violence or abuse.  If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please add your information here.