Tico Visit Planning 2019; Meeting this Thursday, July 26, 2018

Please join us for coordinating our September 24-30 Ticos visit:

The next meeting will be on Thursday, July 26 at 4pm at Joy Brandt’s house:  2029 SE 88th Ave, Portland 97216.  Phone:  503-560-2712. 

 Here are a few notes from the previous meeting:

For day leaders, Please be prepared to present a budget for the day you are hosting, and nail down the particulars of the day (times, transportation needs, costs, etc.).

Night Hosting:

These are the people who said they would be interested in hosting. If a question mark follows their name, then we think they would be interested in hosting:

Peggy Ast

Sue Sager   (Whoever has her email, please forward this to her.)

Gabriella Maertens

Marguerite Hills

Peter and Kattia Marfell

Don and Betsy Ruff ?

Susie Garrison ?  (Whoever has her email, please forward this to her.)

Amparo ?

Dan Green and wife?

Gabriella mentioned that each night host should have a co-host who would be willing to help with driving or cooking or other things.  Gabriella volunteered to be in charge of coordinating the hosts and co-hosts.


These are the people who have vans or who are willing to help transport Ticos for the Day events.

Marguerite has a van with room for 7 people including the driver.

Peggy has an SUV with room for 7 including the driver.

Karen ?  (We think she has a big vehicle…)

Joy has a car with room for 4 including the driver

Gabriella has a car with room for 4 including the driver

Laurie ?  (we couldn’t remember her last name but she was great about transporting folks last year.  She lives near Oxbow Park.  Does anyone have her email?  I have a phone number for her and it is 503-929-1683 or 503-663-2699.)

Visa Problems for Ticos:  We had a discussion about what we might do to help resolve the extra cost of Visa’s (which we’ve heard has more than doubled to be about $300.  However, I  looked it up online and it appears to be $160 for a tourist visa (see http://www.ustraveldocs.com/cr/cr-niv-visafeeinfo.asp )  Two decisions were made in our meeting:  1)  Marilee will contact Wyden and Merkley’s offices to explain our program to them and see if there is anything they can do to make it easier for our Ticos to come to Oregon.   2) Peggy will take our suggestion to the next Board meeting that Oregon Partner’s have a scholarship fund for adult Tico travelers which would help pay for their Visa or perhaps even partially help with the cost.

Day Event Hosting:  The following rough schedule was decided for day events; the day coordinator is also listed.

Monday, Sept. 24 – Peggy Ast.  We would like to pick up the Ticos from the Bend hosts near Warm Springs, attend Warm Springs Museum together, then each night host plus helper drivers will drive Ticos back to the homes where they are being hosted.  Peggy will coordinate with the Bend leaders about this.  If not this, then possibly take them to Timberline Lodge on the way back to Portland?  Hosts should be told that they do NOT need to cook large dinners for the Ticos because they are used to eating their main meal in the afternoon and only something very light at night.

Tuesday, Sept. 25 – Barbara/Marilee/Sally (who is an EcoVillage resident and offered to help).  Tours of nearby co-housing villages and/or gardens (e.g. Cully tour).  Happy hour Welcome Party with light dinner/happy hour food, plus dancing.  Barbara will do cooking and happy hour planning; Marilee to do the tours; Sally can lead the dancing. She has old music!  Peggy will make sure everyone gets a name tag.  Someone suggested that we get Pins with “City of Roses” to give to Ticos.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 – Marilee and Joy.   Portland Day. Marilee will see if Hector is willing to give a talk in Spanish about Portland, or we could also do the City Council/International Liaison meeting at City Hall. Then we could visit Audibon Society — Marilee will see if Audibon can pick us up in their van and bring us to their Portland headquarters. We’ll get a tour, then Barbara is willing to lead folks to walk the trail to Pittock Mansion while Joy or possibly others drive there.  Can Karen get tickets in advance? We also discussed having happy hour at either Portland Grill or Alta Bira.  (No food carts!)

Thursday, Sept. 27 – John and Peter/Kattia.  Start with early lunch at Peter and Kattia’s, then take the trolley to the Classical Radio Station. Must be there before 3pm for live concert. Have an evening soiree at someone’s home with food, bingo, games, etc. or else dinner at the Spaghetti Factory?

Friday, Sept. 28 – Marguerite and Joy.  Vancouver Day to include all or some of the following: Fort Vancouver, Officers Row, Pendleton Factory, Steigerwald Refuge, Art Trail, Humane Society.  Evening soiree at someone’s home with dancing or games?

Saturday, Sept. 29 – Departure Party.  Possibly Karen or else Rosa and Sandy?  We would like to ask Karen if she would be willing to have the Departure Party at her clubhouse.  If not, I spoke to Rosa Maldonado and she said she would be willing to do it again with Sandy at her clubhouse on SE Main Street, but she needs to know soon in order to reserve it.  Before this and during the day, we discussed that hosts could take their Ticos shopping or to Saturday Market or to the Grotto.

Sunday, Sept. 30 – Ticos leave.

Other ideas we tossed around which I’ll mention (in case something falls through) are:

Portland Mercy Corps

Canoe trip

Bingo/card games at Spare Room Dive Bar

Yoga/dance with Sally @EcoVillage


Portland Art Museum

Ice Skating or Roller Skating

Country dancing at Ponderosa Lounge

Bobs Red Mill tour and restaurant plus shopping

Wine tasting – closer, within Portland

Beer Garden Brewery Tour

Night of music at Ecovillage

Shopping — smaller groups, to Goodwill and Garage Sales on a Saturday

The Grotto and Rocky Butte plus lunch at Namaste Restaurant

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