The Week’s Agenda for PORTLAND, September 24- 30

Everyone is WELCOME to join our activities….. PLEASE contact the person mentioned if you are able to join us:::::::::::  General questions call Marguerite at 503-260-9880 or reply to this email.

MONDAY — Pick up Ticos from Bend folks

We will meet at Cabela’s at 9:30am (not 9:15 as we’d said in the meeting)  and then drive to meet the Ticos coming from Bend at Mongold Day Use Area at Detroit Lake.  We should get back around 3:30pm.  Gabriella will pick up Carlos (and of course, Elizabeth) and take Carlos back to Peter’s house for him.  (Gabriella has Elizabeth until she leaves on Wednesday…Amparo hosts her on Friday thru Sunday.)  Peggy needs to know how many are coming so she can buy the chicken.  Peggy says to bring your own drink and possible $5 charge for the chicken.  Please RSVP to Peggy if you want to go. (peggyaboyd@yahoo.com). 


Karen Graham suggested that on Monday, Marguerite give each Tico an envelope with the week’s worth of money for lunch and cafecito purchases.  Each envelope should have written on it the day, amount of money to spend for that day, and what to spend it on (e.g. “Tuesday $15 lunch”).


TUESDAY — Tours and Welome Party at Ecovillage

Meet at EcoVillage lodge house at 1pm.  Marilee will give a walking tour of tiny houses and a nice garden, both near EcoVillage. Then we’ll drive to Bison Coffee House for cafecito.  After we’ll go to Cully Park at 72nd and Killingsworth.


The Ecovillage lodge is reserved from 3 to 8pm.  Barb needs help with decorations and setting up tables.  She thinks happy hour will happen around 5pm and we’ll eat a light dinner around 6pm, then dancing.  The cost for EstadoUnidenses is $6 pp.  Those who want to go should RSVP to Barb at barbara3820@earthlink.net, 503-978-9475 and pay the $6 when they arrive.


Joy will pick up Peggy and Tico at Gateway Max station at 12:17pm and bring them to Ecovillage.


WEDNESDAY — City Hall, Pittock Mansion, Skyline  lunch, Audubon, Marguerite’s Party

Marilee has arranged a meeting with the Mayor’s assistant.  We meet at City Hall at 8:45am.  It sounds like we’ll have a big meeting afterwards. Paige will translate. Marilee estimates that we’ll have cafecito around 10:15am and get to Pittock Mansion by 11:00am.  Then we’ll go to lunch at the hamburger place up the road around noon, and get to Audubon around 2pm.  After the Audubon tour, we will go to Marguerite’s house and decide who wants to go to the Arboretum or to the Rose Garden (which still has roses) about 2 miles from her house.


All are invited to  a northwest theme potluck at Marguerite’s, who lives next to the Arboretum.  Marguerite’s friend Rhonda, a personal chef, will demonstrate how to prepare a special salmon dish. PLEASE bring your favorite NW theme salad or vegetable dish and a NW wine….We will also be dancing with music from Costa Rica.   Contact Marguerite, hills4@comcast.net or 503-260-9880 as we’d love for you to join us.


Peggy & Tico will take Max to City Hall and catch rides afterwards.  Karen Graham will leave early to take Elizabeth and Carlos to the airport.  They leave for Mount Rushmore on a 1:15pm flight.

THURSDAY — Peter & Katia’s, Radio Station, Peter & Katia’s, Dancing.


We’ll meet at Peter’s around 11am.  Gabriella will pick up Peggy and Tico at the Gateway Max station.  We’ll eat lunch about noon.  Price for all guests  is $5 pp.  Please contact Peter if you’re going so they’ll have enough food.  Around 1:45 we’ll drive to the All Classical Radio Station (near OMSI) for a radio station tour which starts at 2:15pm, and then the concert afterwards at 2:40 pm.  John has already sent the request to the Radio Station for tix, (joncapwin@aol.com).  After that we’ll head back to Peter’s for happy hour and then go dancing at a place near his house (see last meeting’s minutes).  Cover is $10, swing dancing class starts at 6pm.  Contact Peter at petermarfell@comast.net

FRIDAY — Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge, Pendleton, and Fort Vancouver


Meet at 9 am at the Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge on Highway 14 just east of Washougal for a special introduction to the area and a short walk on the Art Trail.  At 11:00 we will tour the Pendleton Mill in Washougal.  We’ll have lunch at Chuck’s Produce and then go to Fort Vancouver and Officer’s Row.  Please contact Marguerite at hills4@comcast.net or 503-260-9880 if you want to join us!   Marguerite picks up Peggy and Tico at the Zoo exit at 8 am.  Karen will pick up Elizabeth and Carlos at the airport from their flight which gets in at 3:51pm.  She’ll drop them off at the homes of Peter and Amparo, probably around 5:00pm or so.



Free day in the morning for shopping or whatever.  Then we meet at Karen Graham’s  Claremont Greens Club House.  Take St. Andrews street, it deadends off of Bethany.  No cost, but it’s potluck.  First third of alphabet bring dessert, second third bring main dish, last third bring veggies.  There will be meat.



Susan’s Tico flies out at 1pm, the rest at 4pm.  Perhaps your Tico would like to go to the Grotto (near the airport) for church service at 10am.  It’s up to the sponsors and Ticos.  We’ll meet at Ikea in North Portland (close to airport)  for lunch at noon and afterwards go to the airport.



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