Bienvenidos a Nuestros Compañeros Ticos: 2019 Tico Travelers have Arrived in Oregon

This year’s group of Costa Ricans have arrived in Astoria and are now being welcomed and hosted there. We are all excited to meet them as they travel through from Astoria on to Hood River, Central Oregon, Portland and then departing through Seattle.

Here are the names of our guests.

From NICOYA:     

1. Marita Mena Venegas                  65 years old            

2. María Navarro Baltodano             76 years old            


3. Elvia González Fallas                   61 years old            

4. Heráclides Vindas Abarca            78 years old             

5. Daisy Elizondo Sánchez                72 years old            


    6. Yamileth Jiménez Noguera           62 years old

  7. Luis Angel Valverde Morera         66 years old          

    8.  Emilia Castillo Castro                   63 years old          

    9. Zaira Barrantes Lobo                    58 years old          


     10. Eduardo Vargas Mora                   70 years old          

     11.  Eva Madrigal Víquez                     69 years old          

Please give our friends from Central America, your very warmest welcome and perhaps offer them an occasional umbrella, because the rainy season has apparently gotten off to an early start.

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